Trolley BBQ Charcoal Grill with Cover木炭燒烤爐

$3,800.00 $1,900.00

Details: Trolley BBQ charcoal grill with Thermometer and cover charcoal tray can be adjusted height to control the fire.

• Primary cooking area (useable sq cm): 3742 Sq Cm;
• Warming rack area (useable sq cm): 1613 Sq Cm
• Total cooking area (useable sq cm): 5355 Sq Cm;
• Heavy duty lid design with professional thermometer;
• Porcelain steel, wire cooking grate and warming rack;
• Stainless steel lid handle;
• Gear shift-style adjustable charcoal pan;
• Sliding ash pan with S/S front panel;
• Stainless steel bottle opener;
• Large 8in plastic wheel;
• one side tables
• Product size:107x46x120cm

Delivery: Free Delivery and  installation
Free : BBQ chimney charcoal fire starter and cover


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